Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router board with MediaTek MT7986(Filogic 830),support Wi-Fi 6,2.5GbE


Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini Router board with MediaTek MT7986(Filogic 830) quad core ARM A53 + MT7531A chip design ,2G DDR RAM ,8G eMMC flash onboard, and support 2 2.5G ethernet.


Application direction

  • . Internet service Router
  • . Wireless Router
  • . Wireless Repeater
  • . Home security Gateway
  • . Home Automation
  • . Nas device
  • . Network and communication applications

Hardware interface:


BPI-R3 Mini router case design:


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test OpenWRT on BPI-R3 Mini board

boot log:

serial-com8_2022.03.13_12.txt (59.2 KB)

I love this board for a project as a high performance AP PTP it is almost what I was looking for except for the MT7976C chip which is somewhat poor, i think the MT7976A would work better or is it possible to order the board with the MT7976A variant?

When and where can we buy

How to program the EMMC when there is no SDMMC?

Looks very promising for a project we run. What is the operational temperature range? of the Banana PI BPI-R3 board?

MT7976C is dual-band 2.4G/5G iPA, MT7976A is single 5G ePA, the two chips are different. we only have MT7976C now.

Same as BPI-R3, we will pre-program the system in spi nand flash, boot up through spi nand, and then program the emmc

the operational temperature is -10/+70ā„ƒ

Is there a way to recover when spi-flash is corrupted? Or will it brick the device?

So we plan to pre-program the system on both nand and emmc, so that if the system on nand brokened, it can be bootup with emmc and re-program the nand, and vice versa.

Hy. Very nice board ^^. One question :

Will you integrate gpio or i2C ?

How large is the SPI NAND? Can OpenWRT fit and boot from SPI and then utilize eMMC for package installation? How many amps are available for the M.2 slots? What is the fan connector? If only 2pin, can it be voltage controlled for speed?

Thanks Frank! So it seems it could be possible to boot OpenWRT from SPI and use eMMC for storage, just not possible to control the fan speed.

From the physical NAND/eMMC switch, does that indicate one or the other, but not both simultaneously? Or does it just indicate preference?

Also, does this BPI-R3 mini support booting from USB? (either USB2 A or the C port)

ah, sorry, it is r3 mini, not the regular r3ā€¦

NOTICE:  Initializing NMBM ...

I highly recommend to not use a legacy and vendor-specific NAND bad-block management technology. There is no good reason for the added complexity. Please just use UBI without BMT/BBT instead, like everybody else does. Using both, UBI and proprietary BMT/BBT is problematic and defies the purpose of UBI.

Iā€™m sure the switch really just defines the boot device preference. Both devices can be accessed independently of the position of the switch.

Yes, you can do that with the extroot feature.