Banana Pi BPI R3 Accelerated NAT - Status?

Hello !

I would like to know the current status of support for the following features , advertised on the Filogic 830 page:

MediaTek Wi-Fi Offload Engine, MAP-E & MAP-T IPv4/IPv6 accelerator

This is crucial to use this platform as a fiber router on links > 1Gbps.

I’ve seen some patchs related to the “flow offloading support” on the patchwork ( , patch [v3,net-next,11/11] but it looks incomplete.

Morover I could not find any internal doc on this subject and on the inner functions of the ethernet layer of the chip , the “MT7986A_Reference_Manual_for_BPI-R3” covers only a few devices like GPIO , PWM and flash.

This would be usefull to work on other projects than OpenWRT, i’m thinking Debian (Armbian) here or other. One usage that I do see is some kind of low power computer using that kind of adapter: and a 10Gbps card with DPDK support.