Banana Pi BPI-R2 Razberry board OpenHab2 - help!

I got this working in the end.

Basically you need to enable the GPIO by amending the appropriate dts files in the kernel code ( 1 ) and setting the uart entries to “status=okay”

detalled here: 3

Then compile the kernel (in a VM or whereever) and ship it over to the BPI-R2 SD card.

The good news is there is two other options:

frank-w has got pre compiled kernels here, I used 4.4.108. 1 . just copy over the BPI-BOOT and the BPI-ROOT over to the appropriate partition mounted on other machine as root!

If you prefer 4.14 with uart/gpio enabled in preconfgiured debian images, frank-w has done those too: 1

After than just follow the install. use /dev/ttyS2 . make sure setenv and openhab/default have the appropriate entries.

Make sure openhab is added to the tty group.

Sort java out etc…

Good to go - it works well.


link from: