Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro smart router board with Rockchip RK3568 chip

RealTek RTL8367RB-VB-CG according to RealTek logo visible on the switch chip in the updated photo of the board and (missing) datasheet on the wiki page.

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Seems like the same chip used for first r64 (v0.1) right? Seems not yet supported in mainline linux. Afair i have the old swconfig phy driver from r64 and its dts config somewhere in my repo.

The old swconfig RTL8367_PHY driver is shipped with OpenWrt by default and used by quite a lot of targets.

But ideally we should improve NET_DSA_REALTEK_SMI to support that chip, as it says

/* Realtek Simple Management Interface (SMI) driver
 * It can be discussed how "simple" this interface is.
 * The SMI protocol piggy-backs the MDIO MDC and MDIO signals levels
 * but the protocol is not MDIO at all. Instead it is a Realtek
 * pecularity that need to bit-bang the lines in a special way to
 * communicate with the switch.
 * ASICs we intend to support with this driver:
 * RTL8366   - The original version, apparently
 * RTL8369   - Similar enough to have the same datsheet as RTL8366
 * RTL8366RB - Probably reads out "RTL8366 revision B", has a quite
 *             different register layout from the other two
 * RTL8366S  - Is this "RTL8366 super"?
 * RTL8367   - Has an OpenWRT driver as well
 * RTL8368S  - Seems to be an alternative name for RTL8366RB
 * RTL8370   - Also uses SMI
 * Copyright (C) 2017 Linus Walleij <[email protected]>
 * Copyright (C) 2010 Antti Seppälä <[email protected]>
 * Copyright (C) 2010 Roman Yeryomin <[email protected]>
 * Copyright (C) 2011 Colin Leitner <[email protected]>
 * Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Gabor Juhos <[email protected]>

right, i found this hint too, but it talks about “ASICs we intend to support with this driver” :frowning: currently it is not supported as far as i looked in source.

i guess this chip gets replaced like in r64 after some time…

Mainline support yes but without atf is of no use.

Currently we use a mix of mainline and bsp where we need to follow boot partition structure as needed by the bsp uboot.


Freebsd already have basic support for rk356x just waiting for gmac to be up so we will have opnsense working. But bpi needs to send samples to freebsd and opnsense devs.

@sinovoip can you fix this please? link goes to PMIC instead of Switch

btw. i have started some work in wiki/kernel/uboot

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Banan Pi BPI-R2 Pro with Rockchip RK3568 chip design ,run Android test

Hello @lionwang

When will the samples be ready for developers?

Does pcie slot support 3A@3V3 on pcie? I ask because mt7915 wifi card needs this to run stable.

yes ,it support . However, the current pcie 3.3V is connected to the system, so as to avoid the impact of too much power on the system, the next version will be changed to independent power supply

not yet , we just sample hardware , we need fixed some issus ,and updtate hardware design,when ready ,will send sample out , now ,just frank got the sample version hardware.

Thanks, received board yesterday.

Can you give me the serial settings for debug-uart? the settings i tried seem not correct (got only garbage in minicom)

Edit: seems to be like rockchip has fixed setting of 1.5mbaud and my cp2102 does not support it,so i have ordered a cp2104

please discuss with wei.zuo , he will help you.

do you have a shematic? i will need one to discuss with rockchip-people…currently discussing change of vccio6-supply which is 1v8 in evb, but 3v3 in your bsp.

which are differences to ref-board? so i can use evb-dts as base for r2pro and change only things needed

CH340 is much better

What can be done without a schematic though :stuck_out_tongue:

new sample ready:


I guess 2 typos:

  • hdmi in (should be out)
  • usb-otg is named debug-uart.

Is mt7531 same as on r64 (only used port 5 with rgmii)? Would be nice if some more devs get the board.

Is rtc/reset now working? Any other changes like iodomain? Just want to be sure no damage happens if using my/your current config.

Would be nice to have the sw1 (for disabling emmc) reachable from outside (like power/reset).

1,yes,it is HDMI out 2,it use USB to uart ,not USB-otg , we use a USB-3.0 to burn .(top of 2 use 3.0 interface)

yes ,it is same as BPI-R64, but dirive need some time to do .

when we finished this hardware test ,can send sample to you ,thank you.