Banana Pi BPI R2 like a Access Point for a public Wifi access

Hello, I’m Philip. I bought this BPI R2 for an associative café project, for providing free access point Wifi for our customers.We have actually a internet box which provide internet through ethernet and wifi is already available, but we would like to securise access against forbidden sites and so on. I bought four antennas, a SD Card with its capacity is 32Go. I downloaded severals images with Mate, Ubuntu 16.04 …, but after, I don’t know to go ahead… For exemple

  • where antennas needs to be connected on my BPI ?
  • when it had booted (yes, it boot !), what have i to do for programming this access point ?

I’m not a advanced in this domain, so I would like to know if someone could asist me to create this function for our café.

I would be really glad for this. Thank you very much

Hello, please see here:

Thank you Jackzeng, I am going to apply these steps. I will say to you if necessary. Have a good day.

Hello Jackzeng, I have a problem to make the clone of BPI-R2-bsp.git. When i launched the command, the message was : "The authenticity of host ' ( can’t be established. RSA Key fingerprint is SHA256 : nThbg6kX… Are you sur you want to continue to connecting ? I said ‘yes’ seconds after, next message : Permission denied. The final message is “fatal : could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the reposirtory exists.” Could you help me ? Thank you.

It seems that you try ssh-access…try to clone via https

git clone https://...

Btw. I think internal wifi-chip is not the best for public wifi with much concurrent connections. Think about adding a better pcie wifi-card.

ok, thank you. I will test with https://… Could you tell me more about the wifi pcie card to buy for my needs ? What kind of card can I buy ? Thank you for your advices.

It doesn’t want https:// before [email protected]:… Is it necessary to make a clone ? In fact, I don’t really understand what I am doing with this proc… Is the image that I downloaded a the first step is not sufficient ? I have an Ubuntu Mate which is installed and running… Is the BSP project is the system which will hosts the BPI system to run my Wifi Access Point Softare ? Is there not a more simple way to do this ? Excuse me for my questions, but as I said before, I am not feel comfortable with this environnement :frowning:

Hello, if you just want to run your ap software, you just need to install an image on your R2. you don’t need to clone the project.

but if you want to build some new features to your image, you need to clone the project, and add your code or configuration to project, then build it.

for Question 1:


Question 2:Following these steps to open an Ap


Why giving a username to git…you don’t want to change code in remote repo

git clone

There is discussion here in forum about pcie-wifi-cards…

Hi all, thank you it is more clear for me. Jackzeng, I will test your way ! I will tell you.