Banana Pi BPI-R2 FreeBsd

I bought Banana Pi r2. I need to install FreeBSD inside. I tried many methods, but it did not work. I am very grateful if you tell me how to install FreeBSD.

sorry my english is bad.

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FreeBSD currently not supported

ok.thanks for the answer.

is there any plan to support FreeBSD kernel ??

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Hello, i want buy Banana PI BPI-R2 and installa FreeBSD but is not supporting MTK7623N. FreeBSD work on the Banana Pi BPI-R1 ??

Help me to select R1 or R2 please.


It looks like freebsd uses its own Kernel and not working with normal linux-kernel. So all drivers regarding mt7623 have to be ported to freebsd-kernel. This is much work and nobody have time for it here. you can try a r2 image and replace rootfs with the freebsd rootfs. r1 should be also arch armhf