Banana Pi BPI-R1 Sample Giveaway Apply Here

Welcome to the Banana Pi BPI-R1 Open source router Giveaway

more about BPI-R1 ,please see online gitbook document:

This time we will use a different mechanics for the application process. For the last several giveaways, only a few users have been selected due to BPI’s decisions.

Now they are officially opening up 10 pieces of BPI-R1 to giveaway to you. You will have to pay for shipping.

Official Rules

You have to comment below with with the following

  1. Your word to post a review of BPI-R1 on this forum and also on one other platform. (YouTube, blog, other forums…)

  2. Your awesome project that you want to try. Include a link to an existing website on the project. (OwnCloud Server, Chat server, game server, streaming server…) You are not qualified if you already received a BPI-R1 from a promotion.

It is a trade. You will provide review / project update while BPI supply the board.

The promotion will run for 30 days until 2016-9-2

The selected member’s account name will be posted on this thread on 2016-9-2. Each member will be contacted by our representative through email for shipping details.

May the odds be with you.

thank you for you support.


I am in the IT field and strive to work with open source solutions and want to develop a custom router appliance for my home project similar to the one at

I wish to documentvmy experience online and share it with fellow enthusiasts.

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Having already built several firewall appliances, I want to build one using an ARM processor for increased security, reliability as well as reduced footprint and power consumption.

When I build things, I generally write about it (<a href “”>How To Build a Hardened Linux Firewall Under Your Control) and review the parts. I will do the same here with the BPI-R1.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am one of the original signatories of the <a href “”>Open Source Hardware Draft Definition 1.0 and a founding member of the <a href “”>Open Source Hardware Association.


I am the developer of the open source LaserWeb (

The LaserWeb project gets about 2000 visitors each month: (Also attached as a screenshot to this proposal) and has been sponsored by two other companies

My Wordpress blog has about 209,000 views (Attached as screenshot):

I am most active on the Google Plus community where my profile has around 4 million views See On Google Plus i am the moderatator for several large communities (See - for example the 3D Printing community I am a moderator of has 300,000 members!, the k40 community with 3000+ members, the Open Source CNC community with 2000 members, etc - screenshot attached) as well as the owner of the “Hacker / Maker Deals” collection with 978 followers:" " where I have been sharing Banggood links for a while! (Screenshots attached - approx 970 follow ​ers)

I have also been featured a few times on the world famous website: and

I run several email mailing lists as well (See!forum/openhardwarecoza and!forum/kznhouse4hack for just two examples of relevant mailing lists I own) as well as a Facebook page (

As per the above you can see that I have quite an active, targeted community of electronics, CNC and 3D printing and Home Automation enthusiasts.

I would love to do more reviews for you, and you would not be the first company to sponsor me (See for a collection of companys that already sponsor me:,,,,, etc have all donated hardware towards my reviews! As well as several community members that donate via Paypal for me to buy goods to review. )


I will use it in my local coderdojo to teach kids about networking and computing


I am very interested to make sth. like a VPN-Gateway or an Onion-Router, so I will use it for more anonymity and open mind in the World Wide Web, also I will show the people how to stay safe on the internet.

I am also active in a lot of German and English Forums.

greetings Patrick

A review in 5 places? No problem…

Perfect solution for and embedded gateway/firewall. Oh man iptables bliss. When is this shipping to my doorstep?

Review in this and one other forum. No worries. You’ve my word.

How about an OpenEmbedded BSP for this that allows you to bring in things like the new UI work from OpenWRT as a metadata layer?

OE brings to the table things like IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) frameworks, IoT frameworks (it’s the basis and core of the Cable Companies’ embedded reference platform for everything- and they’re hip on IoT right now…), the core of Tizen, and more. With OE, you can generate an OpenWRT type image and lego-blocks- pluggable applications and the like that woudln’t be in your typical stuff. Want an IoT gateway? Just include one of the recipes or build up one- bang, it’s there. Want an intrusion detection/prevention system? There’s several- some with recipes, some without.

It’s a structured system to build up images and SDK’s from effectively nothing more than a bit of source code and “buildessential” on a Linux system.

I do OE BSP’s professionally for big-names in the industry. I’m one of the guilty parties for starting the actual Embedded Linux thing, with one of the first commercial deployments actually to my name. I know my stuff fairly well. :smiley:

I don’t have an existing website yet that covers the projects, but I will link you to my web presence ( to my GitHub ( ) to get a feel for who’s on the other end.

Im electronic system developer in italy, i whant one for test it and future use , if i cnow the product if more simple to chois for work on it thank you,

Perfect fit for prototyping SECURE streaming server usable within closed environments like pay-per-view, resorts, 5-star hotels and cruise liners. ADEPT at coding using a DEBIAN distro as Debian ROCKS and is an apt (pun intended) choice!

I would like to make an alarm system just like

This project ain’t mine bit I would like to make one. I already have the camera. Need to gather more items.

I would be glad to write a review in exchange for this product, and to share that review on other platforms. You have my word :slight_smile:

I will also be documenting my project on, and will be putting videos updates up via YouTube.

I am in the process of creating a Box Office/Point of Sales system in Python to run on SBCs such as the Pi. I would love an opportunity to use the BPI-R1 to run the system as a master, and manage the networking of all the other terminals in a multi-system setup, as well as handling all the backup to attached storage. It would be awesome!

Hello! I think it would be fun to try to run an ubuntu based router with a on demand tor proxy on such a board. Or a tor proxy and zoneminder at the same time though the 1G ram might make that a bit constrictive.


i want to build a camera surveillance system, low power over ethernet. Normally Camera surveillance systems are high costs but my project is to make this an energy saving project as well cost effective. A Nas server will be implement alongside with the camera surveillance and both will function as one.

I will write the whole review on a blog for you

I want to use it with my Banana Pi Model 1 for my Home/Cloud Server with advanced security parameters and do a show off to my university, trying to push new students to be open mind and try new projects.


I’m planing two projects with a BPI-R1 at the moment.

Project Nr.1 - “The hart of a LAN-Party” - Deadline October 2016: I’m looking forward to a LAN Party with some friends (8 players). The actual infrastructure setup for the event is a 24 port Switch with a horrible loud cooling fan and a old intel based barebone for Music playing and NAS use for file sharing, that were modded into a 2HE 19" case for better transport. The LAN-Party-Network is connected to a router over Powerlan Adapter. In the room is no wireless network available and the phone network is very bad.

The Project Nr.1 will be the BPI-R1 used as NAS, LAN-Switch, DHCP Server insted of the two old machines and I will use the WLAN to give the mobile devices the optional possibility to connect to the internet over the BPI-R1. The LAN-Pary-Network will be seperated from the house network. Depending on the time left, I will add some light controll over the GPIOs controlled by a website on a Apache HTTP Server.

Project Nr.2 - IoT Network - Productive use April 2017 Me and my family are going to move to a new apartment Feb 2017. I have planed and am already running and working on a lot of IoT projects (Arduino and Pi based) that will need a server they can talk with. The BPI-R1 will run a webserver that will show the status of open windows an doors, temperatures, light status of all rooms in the new apartment, that will be collected over a seperated network for the IoT stuff. Even the filling grade of the garbagecan in the kitchen will be displayed (ultrasonic distance messure). The in addition to the sensor informations the site will show weather forecast and a googlemaps-route with traffic information for the way to my office and back home (time controlled). The website will be displayed on a smartmirror that uses the HDMI of the BPI-R1. The GPIOs will be used to controll some wireless sockets that will be able to be controlled by smartphone. I will use the SATA port with a harddrive to backup videos and photos from my mobile devices.

I’ll realise some parts of the project with help of a computer sience teacher, who will also document the project as foundation to bring a BPI project to the classrooms of his school for some computer sience projects with his students…

I’d love to write a review for you and the giveaway is a big motivator for me.

Greetings Dan

As long as it’s free for everyone, i love one for personal for NAS server and multimedia transferring. Good to have one ^^

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