Banana pi BPI-PC101 gesture recognition module

Banana pi BPI-PC101 gesture recognition module


PC101 a multi-function automatic sensor, as an optical or capacitive input device, can be used for gesture detection.This document describes the instructions that will be used as I2C from the machine module.

The module has the following characteristics:

  1. up to 400 KHZ clock rate (fast mode);
  2. seven from the machine (the default address 0 x58);
  3. from machine addresses configurable x5a x59 x58 (0, 0, 0 and 0 x5b);
  4. support 2 d gesture (up, down, left, right);
  5. support hovering gestures (over time);
  6. for near away from gestures induction (distance);
  7. support interrupt notification host (falling edge);
  8. I2C is addressing automatic removal of interruption.

Typical applications are as follows:

  1. Smart lights
  2. Home electrical control equipment
  3. Music control equipment
  4. game input device;
  5. ntelligent sanitary ware;
  6. Smart toys
  7. distance sensor



Banana pi gesture recognition module demo board:


Banana pi BPI-PC101 gesture recognition module and function test with demo demo board,this module can recognition six tyep : Front, back, left, right, far, near.

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