Banana Pi BPI-M5 Blank Screen, no green LED

Hey hey,

So yesterday I got my Banana Pi and immediately tried to set it up.

I connected power supply via usb-c and an hdmi cable. After connecting the power supply, immediately two LEDs turned on(red and blue). On my screen, nothing happened - no signal. I tried several other hdmi cables, but no success.

After some research i found out that maybe nothing happens because emmc is empty and i didn’t put in a micro sd card.

Today i flashed a micro sd card with Ubuntu mate, put it into the banana pi, tried again. Same results.

Don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I also checked the wiki, but nothing there that could help me on first sight.

Any suggestions?

make sure you download a complete image, check the md5 to confirm that. Try connect a usb console to uart debug port if possible, without that cable, i think you can try flash an android image with usb download tools on Windows, it will give some not really useful infomation if flash failed.