Banana Pi BPI-M3 Sample Giveaway Apply Here

Welcome to the 3rd Banana Pi Giveaway

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This time we will use a different mechanics for the application process. For the last several giveaways, only a few users have been selected due to BPI’s decisions.

Now they are officially opening up 10 pieces of BPI-M3 to giveaway to you. You will have to pay for shipping.

Official Rules

  • You have to comment below with with the following
  1. Your word to post a review of BPI-M3 on this forum and also on one other platform. (YouTube, blog, other forums…) or
  1. Your awesome project that you want to try. Include a link to an existing website on the project. (OwnCloud Server, Chat server, game server, streaming server…)
  • You are not qualified if you already received a BPI-M3 from a promotion.

  • It is a trade. You will provide review / project update while BPI supply the board.

The promotion will run for 30 days until May 13 2016. The selected member’s account name will be posted on this thread on May 14 2016. Each member will be contacted by our representative through email for shipping details.

May the forth be with you! (no more puns any more:( the contest date was extended to 30 days)


申请M3。 正在进行一个流媒体服务项目,已经部署了几十台M1+ 想申请M3 测试性能的提升。 有图有证据! Uploading… 希望通过。

I’m currently in the midst of creating a hand-held Chrome / Linux tablet with the RaspberryPi 3 (utilizing this case/enclosure - ) and adding my own rechargeable battery system based on the Adafruit regulator. I’d like to compare/contrast the Banana Pi versus the RaspberryPi for use in this application.

Thanks in advance for the consideration,

David Simmons, P.E.

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申请BPI-M3。 以前用过BPI,感觉很好用,性能比树莓派要高。 原来都是在Linux下开发的UIO驱动库,准备学习Android开发,希望能够申请BPI-M3,封装一套Android的库方便日后使用,谢谢。

To be honest, after all that has transpired, I would require advance payment for my time (at rate) to even consider looking at a “free” non Leemaker Banana Pi (and that’s if you pay the shipping). Sorry. No thanks.

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申請 BPI-M3 之前有買過 BPI-M1,很好用,正佈署在監空植物環境中



Hello, i am working on smart city solutions about connecting multiple devices and mobiles, so need mqtt broker devices for handle them also i am subscribe technologies about cross platform development and seminars


This is David Suen

I have website, I can help you review, test BPI-M3, and help you advertise yourr product.

I will use as the core of a dev kit (similar to the lunch box dev kit of Ben heck ). I’ll add a custom gpio shield adding a tiny oscilloscope and an avr isp build by me.

I will be using this to create ambilight using BPi like RPi


Hello, I teach and work in the field of cinema/filmmaking and am presently developing various camera gear. One of them is a motorized camera dolly which is built around a minicomputer like BPi. It will operate a base car which moves on 4 to 6 wheels and by 2 to 4 DC motors. Additionally, the mini computer will operate 3 to 4 other axes: one rotates the base column of the camera (pan), one rotates the horizontal axis (tilt), and one to cant (for canted angles). I am also planning to develop a robotic arm that will increase the number of axes to 6 and hopefully will be programmable. In other words, the mini computer should take input (via a touchscreen or android app through bluetooth/wifi) and perform them as requested and repeat as many times as required. The base car moves on wheels but will also run on a set of aluminium rails (L shaped profiles) and will be able to climb up to 65 degrees of inclination thanks to 15kg/cm torque DC motors. Thus, the whole design will be very flexible; i.e. it will be able to move on flat surfaces (marble, table tops etc) and also move along portable tracks. I need a powerful mini computer with GPIOs and BT/wifi abilities. I am a part of a filmmaking group and we also run a blog where we post filmmaking related articles on cameras, software and write tutorials and reviews. If we are granted a PPi M3, which will be a perfect candidate for our protoype, we can build the motorized programmable dolly in this summer and make it ready for the coming season. The blog will document the whole process of course and there will be a BPi dedicated review as well.

We are not a commercial group. I am an academic and my friends have other daytime jobs and our group is an amateuris group with professional aspirations. We have no funds for production and rely on saved money and most of the time DIY approach for our equipment. I don’t know whether this qualifies as a good application but we would be delighted to have a sample of Banana Pi, which I am very curious about.

Thanks for your offer and best wishes…

So be careful to not apply after May 4 since your chances might be a bit lower? :wink: Funny, as long as it seems to be free people would also start to apply for 10 slaps in the face. Even if they have to pay the shipping from hand to face…

Hi! I Have a website in and I do my videos related to my posts and reviews in I’m admin in a few facebook groups but I’m a member in a lot of him.

I want to do a review but a project to. My idea is use this board in a post using computing vision to trace black and write images. Maybe I will use Banana Pi and any MCU, but I will run my programa using OpenCV in Banana Pi.

I want to do more then one project (as you can see in my website, I make a lot of him). I want to make a robot using the Banana Pi as a Beacon. Beacon this board is very powerful, I wanna do more projects that I need processing.

My email is: [email protected]

You can found me in linkedin too (if you wish to know a bit more about me):

Thank you very much!

Hi, I am Panos

I would like to do a review to my blog about it ( You can find more info about me in linkedin

Hello All,

We work on IOT. Currently we use raspberry pi 3 for data fetching and data analysis and cloud connectivity for devices in manufacturing plants. We get BPI-M3 we can use it as the same purpose and check its effectiveness.


I would love to get the chance to get to test the new M3. I really like how the linux distributions get more and more supported. The speed is fantastic of this board and i’m so interested to test and develop with it. My last project was a BPi M1 as a NAS Storage with Fileserver and some Server applications (Teamspeak, Minecraft etc).

I wish everybody a lot of luck.