Banana Pi BPI-M2S New Image Release: Armbian bullseye current minimal


  1. About this image:

    • This release is for banana pi M2S board, and it is based on Armbian operation system with kernel 6.0.14, it supports 2GB S922X and 4GB A3H11 SoC.
  2. Image link:

  3. Getting started:

    • Some settings required upon first startup.


  4. U-boot of two versions:

    • 2GB S922X


    • 4GB A311D


  5. FAQ:

Has it been supported gpu acceleration on ubuntu?

Armbian images include the Panfrost open source driver for ARM Mali GPUs, which supports OpenGL. But there’s no support for OpenCL or Vulkan. For example, the Chromium browser works, for the most part, with hardware acceleration (see chrome://gpu).