Banana Pi BPI-FSM1819D Servo motor controller

BPI-FSM8191D servo motor controller is an industrial-grade servo motor control product created by Bananapai open source community and Fortior technology. It is a servo module used to drive rotary servo motor, linear servo motor and torque motor. In practical applications, it is composed of main control board and power board, providing motor control core algorithm and various communication functions. BPI-FSM8191D servo module main control board, configured with two application ports and a power board interface, the servo module pin contains a number of signal interfaces, which can meet the debugging of most servo functions. In different application scenarios, the servo power board can be customized to provide power input and output, power supply and energy consumption requirements. The power board has a rich debugging interface, which fully meets the needs of developers for different power and power supplies.


this module with main control board + Power board:


Banana Pi BPI-FSM1819D Servo module Hardware introduction

Banana Pi BPI-FSM1819D Servo motor controller Debugging tutorial:

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