Banana Pi BPI-EAI80 AIoT board

BPI-EAI80 AIoT board use Edgeless EAI80 chip design .it have Dual-Cortex M4F@200MHz 500DMIPS and AI-NPU:CNN-NPU @300 MHz 300GOPS. support LVDS pannel and camera interface. onboard wifi

Target Applications

  • Voice Control - Key words real-time control
  • Computer Vision - Detection & recognition of object and biology (Face, Body, Gesture), vSLAM
  • End-side AIoT - Edge computing, Info. Security,Off-line equipment control, System monitor
  • Sensor, Attendance machine, AD display, Wearable,devices, Smart unmanned retail, STEM education
  • Home & Building Automation – White goods,HVAC, Lighting, Security system, IoT gateways
  • Industrial Computing - EBS, PLCs, M2M, T&M,Auto-factory, HMI control assembly, QR/bar code
  • Motor Control & Power Conversion - VFC,FOC, 3D/thermal Printers, ADAS, UAV, Robots
  • STEAM education

Banana Pi BPI-EAI80 AIoT open source board function demo

hardware interface:

more please see online wiki documents , will keep update :

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Banana Pi BPI-EAI80 AIoT board Public sale

Banana Pi BPI-EAI80 AI Voice cmd with arduino uno,BPI-EAI80 as a aduino accessories