Banana pi BPI-D1 will send 20 pcs free sample for test

For active the forum atmosphere, banana pi team launched a activities for send BPI-D1 development board.

Activity Instructions:

1, Register as an official user on the forum can apply. 2, Each person only can apply for one. 3,The successful user whose must publish three technical Posts relevant user experiences at the forum. 4.You can apply directly if you have a good idea, and your project results need to be share in the forum. 5,For the successful user, we hope you can share the video that how to made the project. 6, For excellent user, we will keep on sending board. 7, we will send 20 pcs free sample 8, user need payment shipping cost. 9, Please leave your mail address, for convenient we contact you.

Do you recognize that you have chosen:

  • placed it in the D1 forum
  • M3 title
  • Text about D1

If you were a DJ, great mix :grin:

You have a great taste for music Tido!

I’m new one. I have some clue for others - I discovered one of the fastest (low lag) form of streaming sudo avconv -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 -vcodec mpeg2video -r 25 -pix_fmt yuv420p -me_method epzs -b 2600k -bt 256k -f rtp rtp://{ip of your laptop}:5004 Probably some of you know it, but it’s very hard to find in the internet, so maybe it could be useful.

Hello! I would love to get in on this. I’m working on several wearable platform devices for the Industrial Mining working group at this time. We are in needs of something exactly like this that we can harden for the environments at a reasonable cost. Being Open Source is also a HUGE bonus for this project.

Please respond with private message and I’ll give you my mailing address upon confirmation. I do not feel like posting it directly in the forumn.

Great produsts guys, and Hi to Lion Wang! I’m still also looking forward to the M3 as well. IN the meantime I’m also looking at the Orange-Pi just due to pricing structure at 18.62 USD shipped. Octo-Core would still prove advantageous to a few of our endpoint plans however.

Hi, i’d like to try this board for a line follower robot, It’s quite small and light, just what i was looking for.

On other hand, I’ve been searching info about processor (AK3918) and image sensor (HM1375) and i’ve not found any datasheet. Could you post same link to those datasheets?

Like ppuskari, i’d prefer to contact by private message.

You should have a look at prior to buying any SinoVoip product to get an idea what you can expect regarding support and the quality/availability of informations.

I would love a sample I do alot of business sell fire sticks and Andriod box loaded with custom kodi build is the USA on an average I do about two hundred plus a month if I could get a sample to test I would love to become a retailer here in the States I’m sure I could help get a lot of them out with my bills on them running kodi to my customers thank you in advance for the opportunity


i would like to have one for testing purposes. I 'm in a school and making robotic projects.



Send one. Ping me private for address. Trust that I will publish findings based on my testing alone. Requirement is for a small, low power image collection agent. Prior lambo camera boards from an early kickstarter are being used now.

Cheers Anjin


Yup. Started with rpiA, but smaller and less power is always good when the sensor is remote.

So why do you again ask for the Lamobo D1 if you’re already unsatisfied with it? The BPi-D1 is a Lamobo D1, the BPi-R1 is a Lamobo R1, the Banana Pi M1 is a Lamobo M1…

My apology, but please show me the context where I stated in any way I was unsatisfied.

I simply asked for to participate, and noted that I have a similar unit. Please refrain from reading into such simple statements anything beyond what is being said.

Cheers James


I want to write a motion control app using Golang. As you may now, Go language is quite popular in China, but also in Europe and US.

The steps I want to follow with the D1 board are:

  1. run golang 1.4.2 which is available for the ARMv5 architecture or golang 1.5, which needs to be compiled from source
  2. use the motion detection samples available and make the functionality available in Go using cgo
  3. build the app, which shows the different motion detections found and write a blog post explaining the app

I looked at buying the D1 in Europe but it’s not clear from the distributor’s websites if they are selling the D1 or the D1pro. I want the D1pro with the builtin wifi (and also the IR module).

Any input you can provide for this idea is appreciated. It would also be useful to be able to minimize power and only enable the wifi when motion is detected and post from the D1 to a separate server (instead of the D1 being an AP)