Banana Pi BPI-bit with webudino for Rural education in China

Banana Pi team and Electronic science and technology association of hubei university of engineering.This year we applied for a volunteer teaching team - beta volunteer teaching team, we will give full play to our professional advantages, make full use of the school’s multimedia resources, we provide hardware and software support, to bring maker education to students in poor areas.The use of the Internet allows them to see the outside world, feel the convenience of technology, stimulate their interest in learning, and thus improve their living environment.


In the diversity of today, now not only to learn the traditional education, quality education can not be left behind. In recent years, with the popularization of information and digital education, new educational concepts such as maker education and STEAM education have been put forward. Different from the current traditional primary school curriculum, it can give play to the ideas of primary school students, inspire thinking, enrich primary school extracurricular curriculum, and the traditional education to form a complementary, improve learning efficiency and enthusiasm.


In rural areas, due to the relative lack of investment, low-cost maker education has become a possibility, in hardware far lower than the construction of computer room, hardware and software requirements are not very high, in teaching convenient implementation, guide students to explore science, deepen the love of learning. At the same time, students who are interested in it can make the finished product with only a few dollars, which greatly enhances their sense of achievement.

This project will use the combination of bpi-bit and webrduino for teaching. In the early stage, a maker education course will be carried out in a primary school for two weeks. This post will continuously update the progress of the project