Banana Pi BPI:bit for Scratch 2 0 offline development

Banana Pi BPI:bit for Scratch 2 0 for STEAM education

How to :


Your technical solution is totally unusable in a school. The solution is far too complicated. Could you rather create an extension for scratch3? When will it be done?


scratch3 in here, but no offline.

I found your map in the extensions, but could give a very concrete example of program and especially how to upload the program in the map. Thank you for being more precise in your answers. I connected my card, I have the driver on a com port, but how to upload my program in the card? You give no explanation. Which button to click to upload the program in the map? On the other hand, in the proposed extension it misses a lot of things, like the sensors. I advise you to look at the software makeblock5 for halocode, and you will see that everything has been developed very accurately and completely. Always offer you incomplete solutions. Could you work seriously and offer complete professional solutions. Thank you for your urgent help.