Banana Pi BPI-Bit (ESP32) support ros (rosserial over WiFi using TCP)

Banana Pi BPI-Bit (ESP32) support ros (rosserial over WiFi using TCP)

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rosserial_esp32 This package is based on rosserial to enable communication between ROS and ESP32 using ESP-IDF.

Supports rosserial communication over UART and WiFi

Generate ROS libraries Follow the steps below in order to generate and include ROS libraries //This will create a component in IDF_PATH and need to generate it only once//

$ cd path/to/catkin_ws/src/
$ git clone https:/
$ rosrun rosserial_esp32 $IDF_PATH/components/
After execution of above commands, all the necessary ROS files would have been generated in $IDF_PATH/components/rosserial_esp32/


To use WiFi:

Enable rosserial over WiFi menuconfig - Component config - rosserial - rosserial over WiFi using TCP

Enter WiFi and server details $ export ESPPORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 $ build flash On a new terminal

$ roscore On another new terminal


$ rosrun rosserial_python _baud:=115200 – WiFi

$ rosrun rosserial_python tcp On another new terminal

$ rostopic echo chatter

you can build esp-idf with vscode on ubuntu