Banana Pi at ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Fair 2023

Banana Pi at ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Fair 2023,


Banana Pi open source hardware community is an open source hardware project led by Guangdong Bipai Technology, and supported by Taiwan Hon Hai Technology (Foxconn). Banana Pi open source hardware series development board, complete the core system and architecture design. The development documents, software, and hardware (including schematic diagrams) are all open, the purpose is to allow all developers around the world to participate.


At the exhibition, Banana Pi exhibited the latest Wifi 7 intelligent router development board and overall solution based on MediaTek MT7988A (Filogic 880) : Banana Pi BPI-R4


At the same time, the open source hardware products based on industrial control are also on display, Banana Pi BPI-6202 open source embedded single board industrial computer and BPI-KVM KVMoverIP overall solution


A full range of Rockchip based decision solutions: Banana Pi BPI-W3(RK3588),BPI-R2 Pro(RK3568),BPI-P2 Pro(RK3308),BPI-CM2(RK3568) and other new products were displayed simultaneously


You can also see Banana Pi BPI-CM2(RK3568),BPI-CM4(Amlogic A311D),BPI-CM5(Amlogic A311D2) full range of computer module products display