Banana Pi 4g module gpio resource busy

Hi there,

I recently purchased your 4g module for the R2, got a 14 pin connector soldered in place but when I follow the direction in the Wiki

cd /sys/class/gpio/
echo 266 > export 【# 266(gpio_offset) = 232(base) + 34(GPIO_34)】
cd gpio266/
echo out > direction
echo 1 > value

it gives me the error “ash: write error: Resource busy” when I try to run the "echo 266 > export " command

Any help would be appreciated!

Maybe 266 is already exported…make a ls in /sys/class/gpio and look if folder of your gpio exists

I checked, no folder exists yet.

I am using openwrt/lede that I built using the instructions on the wiki

You do the echo as root? which kernelversion?

some things in lede are different as on debian/ubuntu. Have you checked base is same as in my code? And gpio 34 is right

I am using this repo

Kernel version 4.9.44

How do I check if gpio is right?