Banana CM4 vs Rasp CM4 boot loader

I have a generic question about the Banana PI BPI-CM4 module. So what is the exact difference between the Raspberry Pi CM4 vs Banana Pi CM4 boot configuration?

I try to help BliKVM project (and myself) to get the Banana Pi CM4 booting from BliKVM PCIe hardware. I hope this could be a good alternative for the Raspberry Pi CM4 module, which is still not in stock.

Is it correct that the Banana Pi CM4 does NOT have an EEPROM? Corect me if I’m wrong, but I think the boot-loader of the Raspberry Pi is loaded on their EEPROM.

Looking at the provided images of Banana Pi, the boot partition (fa32) contains a U-Boot setup. With uInitrd (boot.ini + env.txt files). The Raspberry Pi variant doesn’t use this setup to boot their Linux images.

I think I need to create a similar U-Boot configuration for the BliKVM image in order to boot the same image from SD card…?

Thanks for your help!