Banana BPI R4 -Request Guide For Installation Kernel 6.9

Hi Guys

I want ask if there is a guide to install Kernel 6.9 on my board Banana BPI-R4 … Where already I have OpenWrt has Kernel 6.6 on it but I want to try Kernel 6.9 ( Where there is limitation on speeds on OpenWrt)

I appreciate any information or steps that will help me …

first question is if you want to use openwrt with kernel 6.9 or any other distribution. because openwrt has a very different way to install packages into the image. openwrt has a lot of documentation in how to add packages. its more or less the same with the kernel. but its probably a lot that needs patching, depending on the mainline state of the board and its components

if its a regular distribution, i would go the “regular” distribution dependent way, e.g. download the archive, do a make menuconfig and install the kernel, boot and see what happens :wink: in any way i would recommend having all set up for serial connection (in case the device does not boot so you can debug)