Axzez Interceptor OS Updated / Banana Pi Support

Axzez is thrilled to announce that we now provide an OS image for the Banana Pi CM4 board, which is available from @sinovoip, The BPi CM4 provides a nice speedup over the Raspberry Pi CM4.

We are excited to announce a major OS update for the Axzez Interceptor Carrier Board, which can be downloaded here. The new Interceptor OS is now based on recently released Linux 6.4 and Debian 12 (bookworm). Here are some changes in this image from Axzez.

  • We now use the mainline rtl8365mb driver for the realtek rtl8367rb switch instead of the hacked openwrt driver the previous images used
  • As a result, we now use mainline Linux DSA architecture for configuring the switches (openwrt’s “swconfig” is no longer used)
  • The most visible benefit of this is that the virtual network interfaces (eg “poe0-0”) now reflect the actual ethernet link status
  • The boot menu is now a true boot menu and is executed by u-boot before Linux boots.
  • The biggest benefit of this is that the kernel image and modules can now reside in the same place and be upgraded together.

We are also very excited to announce that we now provide an image for the Banana Pi CM4 board (aka BPi CM4). The BPi CM4 provides a nice speedup over the Raspberry Pi CM4, but there are a few drawbacks when using a BPi CM4:

  • Only HDMI 0 works because the BPi CM4 only supports 1 HDMI connection.
  • Our power-on button does not work. BPi simply did not wire this pin up. We are not sure why.
  • The BPi CM4 cannot boot from USB.

Since the Banana Pi CM4 can only boot from eMMC or SD card, and the Interceptor Carrier Board v1.5 does not have an SD card slot, the eMMC has to be imaged beforehand. This can be done with the Raspberry Pi CM4 IO Board or the Banana Pi CM4 IO Board. You can either boot our image above from SD card and install to eMMC or you can use the aml-flash-tool below to install over USB.

If you have any questions, please head over to the discussion Forum and post there. We are happy to help.

We are actively working on several new projects and hope to keep bringing amazing solutions to our valued customers. We are so thankful to all of you for your continued support.

Thank The Axzez Team.