Auto power on problem

Hi guys. I have a problem with my BPI-R2. When I plug the power cable the system is not started automatically and I should hold the power button to bring the system up. I use regular 2A adaptors and official BPI Lede image. Thanks

hold the power key for around 8s~, and please change your tag to BPI-R2, thanks

Thanks, Jackzeng. The problem is every time I want to boot the system I should hold the power key. Is there any way that the system automatically boots the OS when I plug the power cable. thanks

if usb otg port is connected to pc, system can boot up after power on, thanks.

Is there any way to boot up without otg port ?

You can solder pins of power-switch

Can I ask you to describe your solution ? Thanks

Near on top…if you want to use actial 4.14 kernel please see linked issue

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thanks, frank it worked