AS2812 PCIe Bridge not Recognized by BPI-R2 Pro

Good morning,

I am putting a 2-port AQC113CS 10GbE card with an AS2812 PCIe switch within, and neither the PCIe switch nor the downstream AQC113CS gets recognized.

Using single-port AQC113CS within the PCIe switch, however, the card gets recognized and functional after compiling the atlantic driver into the kernel.


We have not tested this kind of pcie to serdes chip, so we don’t know the compatibility.

You can try “lspci” to see if the card is recognized, and then see if you need to debug the driver.

BTW,used 10Gbps AQC113 because you need high-speed data transmission? However, the RK3568 cannot handle such a large amount of data. We recommend that you take a look at our new product BPI-R4.

Hello Simon, No, I am not looking to do 10Gbps on r2-pro, that was a stress test for r2-pro.

But, nonetheless, I also tested an ASM1812 Pci switch chip and the result is no recognition at all either. The lspci and the /sys/bus/pci/devices all do not contain the bridge itself or the downstream ports. I don’t have the ASM datasheets so I do not know whether specific things need to be taken care of when putting an ASM 2-lane switch on an 1-lane slot of r2-pro.

I need to connect to external NICs that support multiple tx and rx queues. The onboard GMACs do not support that either in the hardware or the driver. These become quite a bottleneck when using CPU for crypto encryption and decryption.