Armbian have official support BPI-M2+

good news Armbian have official support banana pi BPI-M2+

more,please see this link at first:

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Please keep in mind that we at Armbian are still very busy trying to improve software support for H3 boards like M2+

Igor managed to port a newer BSP 3.4.x kernel (update to 3.4.111 with tons of fixes) that can be tried out on top of the available BPi M2+ test images:

Feedback welcomed in Armbian forum. Main problems that might be adressed are the kswapd issues (100% CPU load on one core) and display subsystem.

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thank you , we also hope you can add any armbian news at here , please not post at per-thread.

New Armbian 5.10 ready for banana pi BPI-M1, BPI-M1+ BPI-M2,BPI-M2+ BPI-R1

about 5.10 version function :

Build your own kernel or image with Armbian build tool.

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