Android not seeing keyboard or mouse, first test

need it flash something to enable usb ports. hdmi and ethernet flash, but no response from keyboard or mouse.

newbie, have mercy please and thanks, Gary

I have uzzano 2.0 wireless keyboard (smart TV keyboard kind - with USB dongle to plug in).

That one just works on my bpi-w2 rev 1.1 freshly taken from the box (Android 6.0 in emmc)

thanks for your reply. I was thinking of using a hyperterm/serial connections using my laptop after reading more. I currently am using power from the ucb-c, could that cause problem, ie is a ac/dc power adapter required to get power to the keyboards. I tried 2 wired-keyboards, both are not seen with the shipped android OS.

I found that using usb’s requires the 12v ac to dc power supply to get the board to see the usbs under android.