Amount of BPI-R3 USB2.0 ports available to user?

Perhaps this forum is a better place to ask than twitter, here’s my question:

Which stems from this:

I’d like to build an external USB-C (USB 2.0 though) jig for my BPI-R3 but wanted to ask about the available non-shared USB lines/ports available.

Also, does the voltage regulator on that USB hub provide enough (stable) power for all devices @5V/500mA as per USB spec?

Imho there are 3 usb2 “ports”

2 on the usb-connector and one in the mpcie slot.

Regarding power: there is a 5.1v/3A core and for usb connected to a SY6280AAC (U9) which seems to have max 0.6w, which seems to be only 120mA for all ports if i understand it right.

The max current depends on the value of the resistor Rset.

Right,it seems the maximum is 1.25A not 0.6w…it was power dissipation i interpreted as max wattage but it is max powerloss by the chip itself (thermal effects and such). Iset is 4k7 based on schematics (r597). And 6800/4700=1.44A so the maximum of 1.25A should be delivered to the usb-hub

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Thanks everybody for the input! I’ve also located the stray differential pair DP/DM signals for the 4th USB on the board, unsoldered between the 12/5V connector and the 26-pin GPIO:

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 2.15.08 pm

I’ll try to put together a header that fits in the box and has all USB ports from the USB HUB exposed in the front panel as USB-C connectors.

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