AltLinux for BPI R2 pro (rk3568)

Starting from version 20220517, support for running the AltLinux system

on BPI R2 pro has been added. To start the system. Download the image.

unpack, burn to SD card. Download and burn the bootloader for BPI R2 pro to the SD card.

Important. You need to record the bootloader after recording the system. Connect to the device and turn on the power. The system starts automatically.

ver 20220527 kernel 5.17.11

have you done some tests with mt7531 dsa driver on r2pro? i got only ~100MB with iperf3. maybe you have an idea why this is limited?

my 5.18-main contains phy driver too, but currently i’m unable to test this

no. I haven’t had time to check the speed yet. maybe I can do it this weekend.

New image rernel 5.18.9

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is it still actual? I got ~940 with dsa on a recent 5.18

Afair yes, have you checked both directions? Imho it was only switch to gmac

And use lan-ports…wan is not over switch

Yep, both rx and tx, for a single port + through traffic for 2 Lan ports(just in case)

Strange…which exact kernel? Can you show ethtool for eth1 (lan) and lanX for options and -S for stats?

Ver image kernel 5.19.10 use the bootloader version with the EFI extension in the name for recording.