Aliexpress not combining orders and charging for multiple shipping cost :(


As the subject says, when buying more than one item on AliExpress, shipping fees are multiple times, one for each item !! This is completely anti-commercial.

Some boards are so small that it would not make sense, as the overall volume of packing two boards would barely be greated than for a single one for example.

There should be a way, like on more other online shop, to combine orders in order to minimize cost.

Thanks for your feedback,

Regards Mathieu

soryy ,have send you information to marketing colleagues

This freight, if various products are of small weight, he can place the order without payment first. Please contact us to change the freight, and pay after the change.In addition, I will check whether there are other methods for freight setting

No I cannot place an order without payment with Aliexpress.

or you can send mail to [email protected] to order .

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