AIworld board with V40 chip design for AR/VR

AR VR board with V40 chip design

Main features:

  1. Support for OpenCV v3.2. Provide a variety of visual algorithm library.
  2. Support OpenMP V1.0, to provide intelligent visual algorithm parallel computing.
  3. ARM Computer Library 17.06, support based on neno optimization library.
  4. Support Gstreamer V1.10, provide a variety of codec format. Support RTSP, http, HLS network flow.
  5. Support OpenMax V1.0, docking Soc hardware coding and decoding.
  6. Support QT5.9. Support eglfs, can be based on opengles2.0 development of various image applications.
  7. Support acoustic network.
  8. Provide VecooAT debugging tools, support adb push and adb pull command, support through usb and wifi debugging, support wireless burning mirror, to facilitate the developer to debug.

Hardware interface:

AIWorld PIN define:

front and back:

with 2 camera , support OV5640

AIWorld gitbook online documents:

Where can i buy this board? this is perfect for what i need.

you can send mail to [email protected] she will support you

We haven’t heard back from Judy. Is there someone else that would be able to help us with this?