Adwise for M.2 SSD BPI R3 + LTE Modem

Hi All,

can someone give a tip what ssd is compatible with R3?

Also I plan to use the LTE Modem.

I bought and saw that not fit. Can I use an adapter?

Thanks a lott for helping

Basicly all nvme (except 2230) should work. As bpi-r3 has “only” pcie3x2 it makes not much sense buying an pcie4 or pcie3x4

For lte card i use a m.2 card with key b adapter in mpcie slot

Thanks, makes not sens means that it woulnd work? At amazon I not found PCIe 3x2

I am using Adata XPG SX8200 PRO 2TB - working fine. Also I have tested Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB, worked fine too.

many thanks I’ll try

i have a Crucial P2 M.2 PCIe 2TB and one old sk-hynix 256MB, oth were working without the pcie-patch i sent to ML recently…if ssd is not recognized you can try with this patch

Ah super, I have learned a lot of words and things last weeks, but not all: what is ML ?

sorry, ML=mailinglist to get Patch into mainline linux[email protected]/

Hallo Frank,

I have Samsung 970 Evo plus nvme ssd (500 gb) and I can see it with fdisk -l

AND I can see and entry in ls /dev/ => nvme0n1

But I don’t see any Mount Point in LUCI nor in Mounted Filesystems. Would then your patch help?

And if how can I install it?

Greetings ( Steffen )

If you see ssd in /proc/partitions you do not need the patch…i guess you need to create partitions and filesystem(s) on the ssd before you can mount it

Thank U for your help, I was too impatient, starts reading and dared to create and format the partition, first time in my life since 62 years :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: formated a linux partition.

Thanks again,

Last time you meant which image I loaded? Where can I read the differences and advantages and disadvantages between?

My next stepps are to install and use php8 sqlite …

I know my way around there a little better.

Nun mache ich Feierabend,

See U

for router purposes openwrt should be the best option, but if you do more non-routing-stuff like i do (VMs) debian/ubuntu may be better, but you have to configure all by yourself