Ac-wlan pcie-card

Hi, can anybody recommend a pcie-ac-wlan-card with kernel/hostapd-support? i searched around, best seems atheros-chipsets

regards Frank

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you can buy mt7612 mPCIe card with mt76 open source driver.

internal PA card:

external PA card:


can debian also use this driver? Have you this card. Can you test if debian-kernel and hostapd working ootb or pathes needed?

Edit: it seems its full supported (mt76):

I’m running the preview2 MATE image through an SD card with an Intel AC-3160 mPCIe installed. However nothing appears in dmesg or lspci output. Is that normal? Does the mPCIe works out of the box with this image?

I recomment WLE900VX-7AA.

using qca9880(ath10k, open source) chipset, This card has a very good price / performance.

Seems an excellent choice, thanks!

we have finished MT7615 pcie card design and layout , sample will ready soon.:slight_smile:

where can i download the driver and did it have open source release?

we need sample ready and test at first ,when all ready ,will update drive to github.

we had test 7615 module success

because of internal wifi is buggy at the moment, is there a bgn/ac-module for mpcie which creates 2 wifi-devices (to run hostapd for both bands [2.4G/5G]) and mainline-driver-support?

The same is Sparklan WPEA-352ACN for about half price (24 USD) at Aliexpress

Can this module run in both bands simultanously? Did not find that on ali…only amazon us without shipping to germany

I think yes, all spects are the same as Compex WLE900VX-7A (speed up to 1,3GBit - seems simultaneous dual band) You can find one HERE

I’m afraid I’m not so sure. Simultaneous 2.4G/5G operation requires ‘dual radio’ support and I don’t see that advertised for the QCA9880. I’d love to be wrong though, because it would be great to have a viable dual radio solution…

Are there any dual-radio cards available?

Can you use WLE900VX-7AA with BPI-R64 minipcie? I have test WLE900VX-7AA with BPI-R64 minipcie, it seems that wifi module need usb interface in the minipcie, but the CN25 minipcie slot not have usb interface.

I used WLE900VX-7AA on Bpi-R2. But I do not have BPI-R64, so I don’t know what have happening.

In addition, my boards (espressobin, clearfog, and ventana gw5510) worked fine.

Could you please tell me which openwrt version do you use on BPI-R2, and with driver do you use? kmod-ath10k or kmod-ath10k-ct? The minipcie port is the same for BPI-R2 and BPI-R64, if it works on BPI-R2, it should work on BPI-R64.

Does anyone know or tested if this WiFi card Compex WLE600VX Mini PCIe Module QCA9882 802.11AC 867Mbps can be used on the Banana Pi R2 device ?