A little issue with Android 5.1 V4 and power down mode

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I will use the banana pi m3 board in a small car application. The android version 5.1 v4 doesn’t have an switch off the 3.3V voltage on the IO connector pin 1,… If I close my car then the android box automatic shut down BPI-M3 for 4h together with a small power consumtion. After the 4h the board total switch off then zero power. If the board in shut down/sleep then 3.3V power is OFF with android 5.1 V3. My main board can detect the voltage and see is an valid sleep (without hang-up) the ready. Other case, the voltage 3.3V is ON then we have an hang - up and switch the Android Box total OFF until the next start. Normally, I have a runnings system with a very smal delay for Android start. Please, Can I have the switch 3.3V together with the run and sleep mode. Do you have a key/solution for enable/disable this feature? Thanks