3D designed case for R2

Like already replied, the case can support two HDD (one at the bottom of the case and another one at the top). You can adjust/remove the ventilation, but you need to learn a bit 3D design. It’s not that hard to do it with onshape website.

Thank you, I’ll just have it printed.

Any problems with fitting (that should be changed)? I’m about to print it…waiting for a friend that has access to a 3d printer

Very nice! I bought an R1 case because I remembered reading somebody from BPI say that the R2 is the same dimensions as the R1.

After drilling some new holes and and sawing some new slots - they were correct :joy:

Don’t have a 3D printer myself. Still waiting for the print from a friend of mine. Can’t gaurantee everything will be ok.

Nice, but I wonder how to export to stl-files? If I right click on tabs I miss export … Could you please upload the files somewhere else for download?

You have to login for export…

Banana pi BPI-R2 Premium Aluminum Enclosure,easy to DIY your product :slight_smile:

Wow! This is great! Looks amazing :smiley: Good job

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used 3d-model from @xjianz converted to 2d for laser-cutters and modified it on some points

here are my files:



material is birch plywood, all is 3mm except the front where is 2 parts 1mm & 2mm


Do you have more photos for the case? How is the bottom/top been laser cut?

on the gdrive are some photos of the parts…i look if i have more…What do you want to see exactly?

Bottom an top are simply cut in 3mm. Nothing special.

The small pieces are glued onto it. I have taped the holes with the parts cut out so that they are closed and can be opened if needed

added 3 more photos to gdrive, hope it’s more clear how it was assembled

some small infos:

  • under the bpi-R2 you can install no 9.5mm HDD, but a smaller SSD (7.5mm height)
  • i have mounted/glued my case wrong, depending on screwholes for the hdd (must be near the sd-card-block), will correct this in my construction-sheme


Finally, got my 3D designed case printed. The board can be fitted into the case nicely with a ssd mounted at the bottom. There is another ssd mount space on the top cover of the case.



Hello, where can i download the files for 3D Print. is not possible for me to download it from Onshape …?

You need to login for download

ok, it works, Thank you :wink:

Is it still accessible? Can I download?

it is still available, you have to login for download

I see, I should log in to onshape! Thank you Frank!