Which Battery Connector for BPI-M2 Ultra?

(Mike Schinkel) #1

I have purchased a BPI-M2 Ultra specifically because of the battery capability but now I find that it appears to be using a non-standard battery connector and I cannot find anywhere on the web where I can buy batteries with that connector nor can I find anything that names the connector so I can google for it and/or ask battery vendors for that type of connector.

Please help! When can I find a battery with this connector and what is the name of the connector?

(bpi team) #2

battery interface


battery interface spec:


Battery cable / circuit
(Didi) #3

Hi, my friend, I read your post, we have you want 6 wire connector,

(Ievgen Rudyi) #4

Hi sinovoip team.

Please tell the connector name (type, factory number etc.) that will fit the M2U battery connector. I found its very similar to 6S1P but I can be wrong -> AliExpress link


(Judy Huang) #5

Hello, Friend, We sell such 2.54mm adaptor, what is your mail, please, my colleague Klaus will contact you about this.


(chuso) #6

Hello, i’m very interested in adding a battery to my bpi m2u. I found in aliexpress this batt C11-ME370T from an asus google nexus 7

has this batt the right conector? can i use this battery for my bpi m2u? thank’s

(Magnus Eriksson ) #7

Hi I like to now wath the type of connector that is… And were I can bay one Regard Magnus Eriksson

(Magnus Eriksson ) #8

Hello. Can you please tell me what type of connector that is… Please let me know. Regard Magnus Eriksson

(ZB) #9

Hello,I am using this. image