Running KVM on BPI-M2


I am using the new image Debian+Docker in my BPI-M2 and I want to install KVM hypervisor. How can I install KVM hypervisor in my BPIs? I know that at least the HYP mode is activated in the processors. Do you know the existence of some image for the BPI-M2 with KVM kernel already activated?

I need install KVM with urgency to run some tests that are part of my Master Thesis (I will defend it in August)

Please people and SINOVOIP, help-me! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Build your own kernel+image and enable what you need with our tool. We support M2 (A31S) with kernel 4.6.2 (at this moment).

Hi Igor,

First of all, thanks so much for your support and sorry for my delay. So, I tried create a image with your tool. I enabled the option “KERNEL_CONFIGURE=“yes”” on the installation script and during installation I set up “virtualization” option menuconfig. The OS image was generated, however KVM is still not being installed.

Now, I will try compilate just a kernel with your tool in a already running Armbian on my BPI-M2.

If you have some image for BPI-B2 with KVM already running and can make it available I will be very graceful.

Best Regards,

David Beserra.

Regarding KVM I cannot help you and have no idea if it works at all.

The only virtualization, that works out of the box and I can also confirm, is Docker.