RetroPie on Banana Pi M1 (SD image + manual install)

Hi all,

I made an easy to understand guide how to install RetroPie on the Banana Pi M1. It is based on Armbian 5.90. It shows how to configure the system and build RetroPie yourself.

I also uploaded an SD card image with everything already installed.

The guide and image file are available on my GitHub page:

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Is it possible to use on banana pi zero?

The image file will only work for Banana Pi M1. But you can try the manual installation guide, it should work for all boards that use an Allwinner chip and the Mali 400 GPU. But you need to install an operating system for your board that uses the legacy kernel (3.4.x). It will not work with systems that use the newer kernels 4 and 5.

i just wanted full working kodi and some neo geo games still o luck!

I fixed an error that prevented the controller configurations from saving. If you have already installed the image, please download again.