Resolution and images

Greetings guys and girls,

New here and new to BPI. Just got my first m2 zero a couple of days ago. Had a few issues that I would like clarification on.

Where and what images would be to use if I want to load raspberry pi os, why is it some images from the armbian site work and others dont.

And then on the display at 1920x1080 60hz there is screen problems where the screen tears everytime something changes. But that is not an issue at 720p 60hz. Could this possible be a cable issue. As I fear a cheap hdmi cable may be the cause. Has anybody else had these issues…

Thanks all

Why would you like to load that garbage? :grinning: That OS is only for Raspberry Pi. And works as you expect only there.

Which doesn’t work? Did you proceed with install properly:

So I went to the armbian site, selected bpi zero m2. Went through the list looking for what I wanted. Downloaded 2 buster versions, and one focal version. Both busters work. But focal the board would just not boot. So tried with bionic and raspbian and few more I cant even remember. Just not all work.

Is there something certain about the images for the bpi that is different from normal linux images?

Like this is totally a new experience for me

I see…

Just recently started to tinker with these devices. So still getting to know

There is just one Buster so i don’t know where you find the other.

Each hardware on this page needs its own image to boot. Its normal Linux (the best you will ever get for this board) … there is no BIOS on those board which means each also needs some boot loader before you can boot Linux.

Yes, its totally different.

Sweet, so the let me give armbian a look. Which would you say is the most stable image, if you could link that please. With and without a desktop.

And thanks again Igor. You have given me some good info

I found it on the page. 20.05 and 20.08.1