"remove" RJ 45 port and/or USB 2.0 ports

(Néstor Acevedo) #1

Hi everybody,

There is a mode to remove or to get a BPI M3 or M2+ without a RJ 45 port and/or USB 2.0 ports?


(bpi team) #2

if you not need RJ45 or USB 2.0 port , we just can removed it by hand ,or customization for you , when we manufacture, we not add this port on board.:slight_smile:

(Néstor Acevedo) #3

OK thank you @sinovoip, I apologize my late answer. So now, how could I to buy one of them? My idea is to build a tablet with FireFox, openSUSE or Ubuntu as OS, mini-usb charge port and if is possible, front and/or back camera. Is it possible or at least to have some close product with BPI?


(bpi team) #4

so you just need a sample at first , we can remove it by hand , you can contact jasonye@banana-pi.com , he will full support you.