Magia, debian or ubuntu?

(Frank W.) #81

for wifi make sure you have all files (wmt-files, firmware and WMT_SOC.cfg) installed (i don’t know if i have included them in my image) to the right directories (like in the zip-file)., dnsmasq- and hostapd-config has to be configured to your need (ip-config). dont enable bridge in hostapd/interfaces for ap0

(Troumad) #82

I have do all for the wifi and it’s good. I have reboot with :

mv fetch.php\?media\=bpi-r2\ /etc/init.d/    
ln -s /etc/init.d/ /etc/rc2.d/S02wifi
ln -s /etc/init.d/ /etc/rc3.d/S02wifi
ln -s /etc/init.d/ /etc/rc4.d/S02wifi
ln -s /etc/init.d/ /etc/rc5.d/S02wifi

Ity’s easy. But use systemtcl it not easy for me.

(Frank W.) #83

Do not create symlinks in init.d

First start manually then we make a step further…

Btw last version of is on github

(Troumad) #84

I think that’s I have a problem with ap0.

  1. I have do all for hostapd => I can’t see the new wifi network
  2. I have stopped hostapd, install wpasupplicant and wifi-radar : ap0 can’t interface scanning
  3. “iwconfig” says “ap0 no wireless extensions.”

(Frank W.) #85

Only hostapd,no wpa-supplicant…there is a known issue with it…wpasupplicant have to be deinstalled

And again…without logs (complete init) and your config (at least hostapd) we cannot help you

(Troumad) #86

I have first try hostapd without wpasupplicant. I have not see my WiFi. After I have installed wpasupplicant and WiFi-radar for try the WiFi.

(Frank W.) #87

seems like you have not read my wiki about wifi:

 wpasupplicant must be removed and hostapd+dnsmasq installed: 

and for keyboard…you only have to install console-setup and you will be asked about keyboard-config, no reboot is needed…tested it with german layout…but it also install kbd-package too

(Troumad) #88

I have first remove wpasupplicant and try hostapd. But I have not seem my wifi network. After I have try to install now wpasupplicant for try wifi-radar.

I see armbian. There is writen :

Known problems:

HDMI is not working and will probably never,
onboard wireless is too fragile, disabled by default.

and :

 # very unstable wifi driver, disabled by default
 # chroot $SDCARD /bin/bash -c "systemctl --no-reload enable mt7623-wifi.service >/dev/null 2>&1"

Have you the link ? :wink:

(Frank W.) #89

I don’t know how far wifi-driver is integrated in armbian…all i know is on above page…wifi works on my 4.19 kernel with same steps as on 4.14

(Troumad) #91

I think that’s I have use the full package. I may have forgotten something, but I do not know what it can be.

I forgot what I could forget.

(Frank W.) #92

My wiki renames to lowercase…will remove the link…you will have no problem if using the full package

(Troumad) #93

I think I use the full package. I may have forgotten something, but I do not know what it can be.

I forgot what I could forget.