Magia, debian or ubuntu?

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I use Linux since 18 years. I use Mandrake, Mandriva and now I use Mageia (cooker and now cauldron, the unstable version). I have try debian and ubuntu. I do not like ubuntu that looks too much like windows. I prefer mageia because know her well. I use debian with a raspberry Pi 2 ou Pi 3 since 3 years (debian 8 and now debian 9).

I have my PBI-R2 since 1 week. I hve fisrt find a ubuntu mate 16.04 for this computer. (i don’t remeber where).

Now, I found it : There is a debian stretch. But it’s only 400Mo… Why ?

nb : I don’t speak very good english…

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This image is created from scratch (empty sdcard) installed only basic system, overridden freespace with zero-bytes (for better packing) and packed…thats why it is (packed) only 400MB…you have to unpack it first (6 or 7gb) and burn with dd

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We can install this install, add the source for apt and install all what we need ? After we and update all with “apt-get update;apt-get upgrade” but not the kernel. Isn’t it ?

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Right,you can install every package available on official debian repository for armhf architecture.

Kernel is bpi-r2 specific and needs manual upgrade…see my kernel-repo on github for this

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I have try deb_stretch_4.14.13_SD.img.gz and after bpi-r2_debian_stretch_4.14.13.img.gz . They’re don’t work. Or I don’t know how use it. I don’t nothing understand about the LED…

  1. No led
  2. I push the power key 3 led (a small blue, a green and a big red)
  3. After Only the green and the screen (hdmi) is green
  4. With deb_stretch_4.14.13.img only the 3 led (small red) and nothing…

I have modifie the partiton nb2 => 30Go

  1. No led
  2. I push the power key : No led.

(Frank W.) #6
  1. unpack image (tar -xzf filename.gz)
  2. burn it to sd-card (dd if=filename.img of=/dev/sdx)
  3. sync
  4. remove from host-pc & enter in R2
  5. press & hold power-button ~10-12 sec

if you want to boot from SD…please use SD-Image and not the emmc one

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I don’t know sync…

“man sync” and I understand…


edit : (tar -xzf filename.gz) ??? not gzip -d deb_stretch_4.14.13_SD.img.gz ?

Modifie the partition is not a good idea. Isn’t it ? Have do for the raspberry pi 2 and 3. But, I have do it for the BPI-R and ubuntu- after it don’t work.

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I come back with ubuntu.

[root@localhost bpi-r2]# dd bs=1M if=2017-09-04-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-bpi-r2-sd-emmc-v1.2.0.img of=/dev/sdb  status=progress conv=fsync;sync

    7945060352 octets (7,9 GB, 7,4 GiB) copiés, 532 s, 14,9 MB/s

    7580+0 enregistrements lus

    7580+0 enregistrements écrits

    7948206080 octets (7,9 GB, 7,4 GiB) copiés, 600,562 s, 13,2 MB/s
And it's good...

Where can I found a doc about this led ?

(Frank W.) #9

you’re right gunzip / gzip -d it’s not a tar

what do you mean with modify partition?? what have you done? resize rootfs?

you can burn my image like you’ve done with ubuntu…and just hold power-button 10-12seconds to power on

imho the leds having no special meaning atm…you can set them via gpio-access

(Troumad) #10

I have found my img hier :

Ich verstehe warum es geht nicht mit Debian 9. Jetzt, arbeite ich mit Ubuntu. Ich warte von ein neue SD card für debian probieren.

(Frank W.) #11

how do you test if it is working? 4.14.13 does not support hdmi, network-config is in BPI-ROOT/etc/network/interfaces (change lanx or wan)

have you a debug-uart-cable?

after writing the image to sd-card and reinsert you should see BPI-BOOT and BPI-ROOT-Partition

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I don’t know how test if it’s working. I have no debug-uart-cable. I think that’s my DHCP server have not found, but it’s only a internet box.

I think that’s it not working because the blue led was big. And when the card works I see only the green led.

I have ask you where can I find a doc for the BPI-R2 with the led. I don’t understand this 3 led. I don’t understand who use the “Onboard 8GB eMMC Flash”.

(Frank W.) #13

the leds are different on kernel-version and image…the only interesting is the red near gpio-header which cannot switched by kernel…this is on if r2 is running and off if not (depends on poweroff working if running before)

for network please look in interfaces file…imho i have defined a static ip. look in my wiki if you don’t know how to set port to dhcp-client

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Yes I wanted use all the place. I always made that with raspberry pi. I use the “Mageia control center” for resize the partition. It’s besser to do a partition 3 for use the last 24 Go ?

If I want hdmi for debug the BPI-R2 what can I do ? The BPI-R2 is far from the desk. It’s simpler to wear a keyboard and a screen when the network is out. Is your lan config here : ? Who is eth0 and lan0 ?

(Frank W.) #15

+1 for additional data-partition

Hdmi is not usable for debugging

(Troumad) #16

When I say “debug”, it’s only debug the web server.

If I do a error in /etc/network/interface or with iptables or with… It’s possible that’s I can’t do a ssh with my BPI-R2. I nead a screen and a keyboard.

(Frank W.) #17

You cann configure another port to dhcp and leave the existing.

Anyeay you can make a backup of interfaces first which you can revert by client-pc (remove sdcard)

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It is sometimes simpler to work on the BPI-R2 with the bash to understand the problem.

(Frank W.) #19

Right,thats why i say use debug-uart… :slight_smile:

(Troumad) #20

I have do a new data-partition in sdb5, and now the SD card desn’t work :frowning: