First start up m2plus

(Shayan Akbari) #1


i have a banana pi m2+ and i have a problem i used sd card formatter and win32… or etcher to flash a 16 Gb sd card first i have to format the sd card and then use win32 and some images (ubuntu 16.04 . android 4.4 armbian that all of them i found in this m2+ page ) but when i flash the sd card and put it in bpi and then connect the HDMI cable to a 4k tv but nothing happen no signal i see a red led on the bpi board

can u help me to solve this problem? i use windows 10

(bpi team) #2

please see online documents:

(Shayan Akbari) #3

thank u sinovoip the power for this board is 5v 2amp that was the solution for my problem