[CLOSED] Play audio in Stereo in apps


NoobSPOILalert : [CLOSED] Play audio in Stereo in apps, I am a sound noob, am the problem :wink:

Am very confusing… am searching some help in linux forums…
Maybe I will find some more here…

Like I said (to @Alexander1119)


Am using Ubuntu Mate…

Alsa and pulseaudio are installed… I have a bpiM2u…

Thanks :kissing_heart:


Worse in worse, am soooo sad

EDIT : Ok, i install Pulseaudio-debug all is back (Left/Right channels)
But vlc, gnome/k-player doesnt want to play stereo…
I try to config the output (audio) but nothing do the job
What the difference between Mixer and Stereo options ?

What is the best ALSA or Pulseaudio ? (yep, am making a comment up/push like a youtube gangsta)

Right now I lost my left stereo channel (hpl) I dont know why…
Reinstalling Alsa + Pulseaudio + ubuntu librarys dont change anything…


I find this (it can be great, but am not sure to understand the mapping) :

Good plan / option ?


I realy cant understand why speaker-test -twav -c2 is working…
(alternance Left/Right speaker like alsa-utils do)
…and not other player/app…
If somebody here, please, help :triumph:


OK… NOOB I AM My sound just have ONE channel… Cant output L/R. :flushed: