Chainload emmc from SD

(Hitoshi) #1

I have a pre-installed Android in the onborard emmc and a current version of Armbian Linux on SD.
Please show the necessary steps to configure U-boot in Linux to be able to boot from emmc without physically removing SD.

(Frank W.) #2

Why not change mmc-partition (for kernel) and root-var (rootfs). If you post your uenv.txt (better both with info which one is used first) i maybe can show you the changes

(Hitoshi) #3

Here is my partition table for emmc. Which partition needs to be changed?

And my /boot directory has “armbianEnv.txt”.

the current “rootdev” should be the SD card that I burned.

What steps should I take to “chain load” emmc, by booting with this SD card ?