BPI-W2 new image : android 7.1.1 V0.1 beta 2018-5-29

(bpi team) #1

BPI-W2 android 7.1.1 Demo Version

Update Steps:

  1. Download image, unzip the file.

  2. Copy the file “install.img”, to your usb disk.

  3. Plug your usb disk in W2.

  4. Use usb-serial to connect W2, open a console terminal on your PC.

  5. Then power on W2, and press “Tab” button on PC to update image in your W2.

Image link :

Baidu drive: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1WP_TRe9PeNZvfi5bEJy0AQ

(dorabmon) #2

it’s for r2 topic, not for w2

(the_bao) #3

Will this board support Android Treble Project?


Hi! Can you put the image on google drive?