[BPI-R64] debian buster with new bootchain and linux 5.10


i’ve created a new sdcard-image (currently for testing only) with new Bootchain (new Preloader/ATF/uboot-fip), GPT and linux 5.10 (including sdcard-fix)

i guess it’s not complete and maybe it is too big for emmc (have not tested), i used a fixed value of 8000MB (truncate breaks image, maybe my calculation does not work for gpt :thinking: )


  • r64_buster_newatf_5.10.img.gz
  • r64_buster_newatf_5.10.img.gz.md5


  • user: root
  • password: bananapi

regards Frank

What login and password?

root/bananapi as in my other images :slight_smile:

btw. my truncate-calculation is at follows (don’t wanted to add this to first post):

size=$(fdisk -l $myimage | tail -1 | awk '{print $3}')
truncate --size=$[($size+1)*512] $myimage

so basicly use end-sector ($3) of last partition (tail -1), add 1 (sector counts from 0) and multiply with sector-size (512bytes). maybe i need to add 2 because GPT stores backup of main data in last sector, so image needs to be 1 sector larger than mapped to partitions

I know this is offtop but someone know how adjust internet and ssl acses to debian. Because I can get access to serial interface only.

openssh should be configured to ip on port lan0, root-access enabled (should be disabled if other users are created)

change /etc/network/interfaces to different ip setting


for bridging you need to install bridge-utils first and then add this to interfaces file (example for lan1+lan2)

auto lan1
iface lan1 inet manual
auto lan2
iface lan2 inet manual

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
    bridge_ports lan1 lan2
    bridge_fd 5
    bridge_stp no

and run (better from serial console, because ssh will be dropped)

service networking restart

you need to change dns (in image in /etc/resolv.conf and default gateway (in interfaces file too) before you can install anything. so just change lan0-ip to one in your subnet and gateway in interfaces + nameserver in resolv.conf first

i see wan-port is configured as dhcp-client, but have not tested it, because i use fixed ip’s here