BPi-M3 new image: 2018-01-15-ubuntu-16.04-server-v1.0-bpi-m3mst-sd-emmc

(ZB) #21

Hello,please try images here, it supports sata.

BananaPi BPI-M3 New Image (New Emmc) Ubuntu16.04 & Debian9 Release 2018-07-18

(Namuyan) #22

I’m in trouble about Segmentation fault on using many cores.
For example, building with make -j 4. Using many cores often raise Segmentation fault.
Single core working don’t raise any problems.
Do you know the probrem?

(ZB) #23

Hello,I tried this image and did a test, my board support multicore

could you show me the debug console terminal log?

or did you change kernel smp configuration?


or something wrong in your compiled project.