BPi-M3 new image: 2018-01-15-ubuntu-16.04-server-v1.0-bpi-m3mst-sd-emmc

(ZB) #21

Hello,please try images here, it supports sata.

BananaPi BPI-M3 New Image (New Emmc) Ubuntu16.04 & Debian9 Release 2018-07-18

(Namuyan) #22

I’m in trouble about Segmentation fault on using many cores.
For example, building with make -j 4. Using many cores often raise Segmentation fault.
Single core working don’t raise any problems.
Do you know the probrem?

(ZB) #23

Hello,I tried this image and did a test, my board support multicore

could you show me the debug console terminal log?

or did you change kernel smp configuration?


or something wrong in your compiled project.

(Namuyan) #24

Thank you for comment.
I check SMP flag enabled.
Debug console terminal log? Are you saying about three pin headers neer uboot button? I need to find USB to Serial port…

I use leveldb for test compile.

$ wget https://github.com/google/leveldb/archive/v1.20.tar.gz
$ zcat v1.20.tar.gz | tar xf -
$ cd leveldb-1.20
$ make -j 4

I often encountered Segmentation fault but can continue compile and complete. Addtion to that, I find that single core working raise rarely raise the error. After I strengthen power supply voltage, I feel improvement of the error.
May be power supply is the matter. Do M3 users use good power supply and heatshink?

(ZB) #25

if you use “make”, you don’t need to think about dependency relationships, because everything will be compiled step by step.

But if you use “make -j x” that means you use multiple threads(x = 4, you will use 4 threads to compile project) ,so you need to make sure the dependency relationships in your project Makefile are clear. if not, you probably will meet errors.

(Namuyan) #26

Thank you for comment.
I checked three times for dependencies for each RasberryPi 3B+ and OrangePi PC2, make check completed. I don’t have Cortex-A7 PC boards, so use instead Cortex-A53.
I clockdown to 480MHz(no boost), but sometimes Segfault occured. I set a large heatshink and a FAN. Core temp don’t over 45C. I check voltage(5.0~5.5v) by tester.
what’s make unstable?
I hear overheating cause Segfault, but I cooled Cores and set low frequency. :disappointed_relieved:

(Namuyan) #27

Asked BananPi-M3 seller and find error on curl.
curl: relocation error: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libldap_r-2.4.so.2: symbol pthread_rwlock_r lock, version GLIBC_2.4 not defined in file libpthread.so.0 with link time reference
Do you know the error? Is curl version too new?

This error will be fixed by apt-get --reinstall install curl and restart.