Bpi m3 dram booboo....only showing 1gb

(Lukman Efendy) #1

Hello, My bpi m3 dram only show 1gb using the V5 image android 5.1.1. The original h9ccnnn8jtml that came with board was dead. I replace with new h9ccnnnjtal version. It boot up ok. But now i see the ram size only 1gb not 2gb. Can someone tell me what this mean? Wrong dram chip or cpu also dead??

(bpi team) #2

are you try othe image ,and show same ???

please download newest image and test again


(Lukman Efendy) #3

yes, i use new image and re-burn using phoenixsuit still no go. ram is 1gb.

boot dump from serial is below, please see.

[    9.290587] SysRq : Emergency Remount R/O
[00][00]HELLO! BOOT0 is starting!
boot0 version : 4.0.0
rtc[1] value = 0x00010000
rtc[2] value = 0x00020000
rtc[3] value = 0x00030000
DRAM Type =7 (2:DDR2,3:DDR3,6:LPDDR2,7:LPDDR3)
DRAM normal_mode value: 00000001
rsb_send_initseq: rsb clk 400Khz -> 3Mhz
ddr voltage = 1200 mv
using ic A83T
using axp AXP813
DRAM zq value: 00003bfb
dram size =1024
card boot number = 2
card no is 2
sdcard 2 line count 8
[mmc]: mmc driver ver 2015-04-13 16:05:39
[mmc]: ***Try SD card 2***
[mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 8 err 00000100
[mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 8 err 00000100
[mmc]: mmc 2 send if cond failed
[mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 55 err 00000100
[mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 55 err 00000100
[mmc]: mmc 2 send app cmd failed
[mmc]: ***Try MMC card 2***
[mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[mmc]: 8bit ddr!!! 
[mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[mmc]: MMC ver 5.0
[mmc]: SD/MMC Card: 8bit, capacity: 7456MB
[mmc]: vendor: Man 00150100 Snr 0184364a
[mmc]: product: 8WMB3
[mmc]: revision: 5.2
[mmc]: ***SD/MMC 2 init OK!!!***
sdcard 2 init ok
The size of uboot is 000d4000.
set_mmc_para,sdly 50M 0
set_mmc_para,sdly 25M 0
Succeed in loading uboot from sdmmc flash.
Ready to disable icache.
Jump to secend Boot.
normal mode

[      0.208]

U-Boot 2011.09-rc1-00000-gcf25114-dirty (Dec 09 2016 - 18:08:08) Allwinner Technology 

[      0.217]version: 2.1.0
normal mode
[      0.295]pmbus:   normal or secure os
[      0.299]PMU: AXP81X
[      0.301]PMU: AXP81X found
BPI-M3:Set Uboot-[AXP81X]-Power
bat_vol=4354, ratio=100
[      0.310]PMU: dcdc2 900
[      0.312]PMU: pll1 1008 Mhz
AXI0=336 Mhz,PLL_PERIPH =1200 Mhz AHB1=200 Mhz, APB1=100 Mhz 
set power on vol to default
dcdc1_vol = 3300, onoff=1
dcdc2_vol = 900, onoff=1
dcdc3_vol = 900, onoff=1
dcdc4_vol = 900, onoff=1
dcdc6_vol = 900, onoff=1
aldo1_vol = 1800, onoff=0
aldo2_vol = 1800, onoff=1
aldo3_vol = 3000, onoff=1
eldo2_vol = 1800, onoff=0
dldo1_vol = 3300, onoff=0
dldo2_vol = 3300, onoff=0
dldo3_vol = 2500, onoff=1
dldo4_vol = 2800, onoff=0
fldo2_vol = 900, onoff=1
gpio0_vol = 3300, onoff=1
gpio1_vol = 3300, onoff=1
find power_sply to end
axp=axp81x, supply=dcdc1, vol=3300
reg addr=0x1c20b04, value=0xd, pmu_vol=3300
axp=axp81x, supply=dcdc1, vol=3300
reg addr=0x1c20b08, value=0xd, pmu_vol=3300
axp=axp81x, supply=dldo3, vol=1800
reg addr=0x1c20b0c, value=0x0, pmu_vol=1800
axp=axp81x, supply=dcdc1, vol=3300
reg addr=0x1c20b10, value=0xd, pmu_vol=3300
axp=axp81x, supply=dcdc1, vol=3300
reg addr=0x1c20b14, value=0xd, pmu_vol=3300
axp=axp81x, supply=dcdc1, vol=3300
reg addr=0x1c20b18, value=0xd, pmu_vol=3300
axp=axp81x, supply=dcdc1, vol=3300
reg addr=0x1c20b1c, value=0xd, pmu_vol=3300
axp=axp81x, supply=aldo3, vol=3000
reg addr=0x1f02f00, value=0xa, pmu_vol=3000
config gpio bias voltage finish
BPI-M3:Set Uboot-[AXP81X]-Power
vbus exist
ac100 reg 0x00 = 0x101
ac100 reg 0xd0 = 0x0
ac100 reg 0xd1 = 0x0
limit to 900 
BPI-M3:Set Uboot-[AXP81X]-Power
fel key old mode
run key detect
no key found
no key input
dram_para_set start
dram_para_set end
[      0.657]DRAM:  1 GiB
relocation Offset is: 35af9000
user_gpio config
user_gpio ok
gic: normal or no secure os mode
script config pll_de to 504 Mhz
script config pll_video1 to 297 Mhz
Not Found clk pll_video in script 
enable power vcc-hdmi-18, ret=0
DRV_DISP_Init end
[      0.895]boot_disp.output_disp=1
[      0.899]boot_disp.output_type=3
[      0.902]boot_disp.output_mode=5
[      0.905]fetch script data boot_disp.auto_hpd fail
disp1 device type(4) enable
attched ok, mgr1<-->device1, type=4, mode=5----
ready to set mode
workmode = 0
MMC:	 2
[      0.940][mmc]: mmc driver ver 2015-04-13 14:50:00
[      0.945][mmc]: get sdc_phy_wipe fail.
[      0.949][mmc]: get sdc0 sdc_erase fail.
[      0.953][mmc]: get sdc_2xmode ok, val = 1
[      0.957][mmc]: get sdc_ddrmode ok, val = 1
[      0.961][mmc]: get sdc_f_max fail,use default  50000000Hz
[      0.967][mmc]: get card_line ok, card_line = 8
[      0.971][mmc]: get sdc_ex_dly_used fail,use default
[      0.976][mmc]: SUNXI SD/MMC: 2
[      0.990][mmc]: *Try SD card 2*
[      0.993][mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 8 err 100
[      0.999][mmc]: mmc send if cond failed
[      1.003][mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 55 err 100
[      1.008][mmc]: send app cmd failed
[      1.011][mmc]: *Try MMC card 2*
[      1.053][mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[      1.058][mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[      1.063][mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[      1.068][mmc]: ddr8 
[      1.070][mmc]: mmc re-update_phase
[      1.083][mmc]: CID 0x15010038 0x574d4233 0x52018436 0x4adac18b
[      1.088][mmc]: MMC ver 5.0
[      1.091][mmc]: mmc clk 50000000
[      1.094][mmc]: SD/MMC Card: 8bit, capacity: 7456MB
[      1.099][mmc]: boot0 capacity: 4000KB,boot1 capacity: 4000KB
[      1.105][mmc]: ***SD/MMC 2 init OK!!!***
[      1.110][mmc]: erase_grp_size:0x400WrBlk * 0x200 = 0x80000 Byte
[      1.116][mmc]: secure_feature 0x55
[      1.119][mmc]: secure_removal_type  0x9
[      1.123]sunxi flash init ok
the secure storage map is empty
no item name key_burned_flag in the map
sunxi secure storage has no flag
[      1.137]usb burn from boot
delay time 0
[      1.208]usb prepare ok
usb sof ok
vbus pc exist ,limit to pc 
[      1.509]usb probe ok
[      1.512]usb setup ok
set address 0x1
[      4.514]timer occur
[      4.549]do_burn_from_boot usb : have no handshake
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
--------fastboot partitions--------
-total partitions:11-
-name-        -start-       -size-      
bootloader  : 1000000       1000000     
env         : 2000000       1000000     
boot        : 3000000       1000000     
system      : 4000000       60000000    
misc        : 64000000      1000000     
recovery    : 65000000      2000000     
cache       : 67000000      30000000    
metadata    : 97000000      1000000     
private     : 98000000      1000000     
alog        : 99000000      5000000     
UDISK       : 9e000000      0           
base bootcmd=run setargs_nand boot_normal
bootcmd set setargs_mmc
key 0
recovery key high 10, low 8
cant find fstbt value
misc partition found
to be run cmd=run setargs_mmc boot_normal

** Unable to use sunxi_flash 8:0 for fatload **

load file(sn.txt) error 
serial is: 00000000000000000000
mount part name bootloader
cant open script.bin, maybe it is not exist
[      4.652]pre sys mode
[      4.690][mmc]: blkcnt should not be 0
[      4.709]fetch script data boot_disp.output_disp fail
[      4.714]screen_id =1, screen_width =1280, screen_height =720
[      4.720]frame buffer address 46400000
[      4.724]Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 
read boot or recovery all
[      4.900]sunxi flash read :offset 3000000, 14659324 bytes OK
[      4.913]ready to boot
[      4.915][mmc]: mmc exit start
[      4.927][mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 8 err 100
[      4.932][mmc]: mmc send if cond failed
[      4.936][mmc]: mmc 2 cmd 55 err 100
[      4.941][mmc]: send app cmd failed
[      4.953][mmc]: get sdc_phy_wipe fail.
[      4.957][mmc]: get sdc0 sdc_erase fail.
[      4.961][mmc]: get sdc_2xmode ok, val = 1
[      4.965][mmc]: get sdc_ddrmode ok, val = 1
[      4.969][mmc]: get sdc_f_max fail,use default  50000000Hz
[      4.974][mmc]: get card_line ok, card_line = 8
[      4.979][mmc]: get sdc_ex_dly_used fail,use default
[      4.984][mmc]: mmc 2 exit ok
[      4.987]
Starting kernel ...

[sun8i_fixup]: From boot, get meminfo:

	Start:	0x40000000

	Size:	1024MB

ion_carveout reserve: 96m 128m

ion_reserve_common: ion reserve: [0x78000000, 0x80000000]!

ion_cma reserve: 120m 176m 512m

ion_reserve_common: ion reserve: [0x75000000, 0x80000000]!


    [    0.250084] CPU4: failed to boot: -22
    [    0.290079] CPU5: failed to boot: -22
    [    0.330056] CPU6: failed to boot: -22
    [    0.370077] CPU7: failed to boot: -22
    [    0.798042] config_pmux_para: script_parser_fetch err. 
    [    0.798555] add_sys_pwr_dm: axp81x_aldo2 ldo already alwayson.
    [    0.798876] add_sys_pwr_dm: axp81x_aldo2 ldo already alwayson.
    [    0.798988] add_sys_pwr_dm: axp81x_aldo2 ldo already alwayson.
    [    1.001777] sunxikbd_script_init: key para not found, used default para. 
    [    1.039711] sunxi_leds_fetch_sysconfig_para leds is not used in config
    [    1.050657] sunxi_oops: heming add OOPS_INFO_ADDR = -20
    [    1.058824] request gpio failed!
    [    1.347657] init: property_opt_for_mem: start!
    [    1.352909] init: property_opt_for_mem: ro.sf.lcd_density not set, disable adaptive memory function!
    [    1.528172] init: /dev/hw_random not found
    [    1.693570] init: /dev/hw_random not found
    shell@android:/ $ [    3.551614] failed to get normal led pin assign
    [    3.556722] failed to get standby led pin assign
    [    4.334399] init: Warning!  Service bootclone needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix!
    [    4.344802] init: Warning!  Service precopy needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix!
    [    4.357650] init: property_opt_for_mem: start!
    [    4.363751] init: property_opt_for_mem: width_dp = 800; height_dp = 480; screenSize = 2; bSupport64Bit = 0, g_total_mem = 1003 
    [    4.484948] init: Warning!  Service pvrsrvctl needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix!
    [    4.505323] init: cannot find '/system/bin/debuggerd64', disabling 'debuggerd64'
    [    4.517929] init: cannot find '/system/bin/install-recovery.sh', disabling 'flash_recovery'
    [    4.537218] android_usb: already disabled
    [    6.098817] init: Warning!  Service sensors needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix!
    [   12.416144] init: Warning!  Service preinstall needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix!

(Lukman Efendy) #4

boot_dump.txt (11.1 KB)

I can see the sn.txt serial file error, is this what problem cause is? do i need to make new serial everytime i re-burn?

(Lukman Efendy) #5

again, i try using sd card booting ubuntu mate, still seeing 1gb ram instead of 2gb…what is wrong??

(ZB) #6

Hello,Did you mean the original ram IC was broken? and you have replaced new one,but the Board doesn’t recognise it,right?

(Lukman Efendy) #7

yes, sort of like that. The ram ic was broken, so i solder new one into it. The board can boot fine no problem it look like at least…just the ram size is not 2 gb. Board was send to me in good condition, 2gb ram, but I use in my project and broke the ram. Any advise??

(ZB) #8

Hello,could you make sure that the ram ic you replaced is 2Gb size? could you provide me the datasheet?

or could use the original same type ram ic ?

(Lukman Efendy) #9

ok, i think i made a mistake reading the ram ic number. I read H9CCNNN8JTML, when it was suppose to be H9CCNNNBJTML, the latter is only 1Gb density. I found out today, I will order to replace with the same ram ic and see what happens.

(Lukman Efendy) #10

Ok, now I have install new Dram, i can boot and into android using both SD-Card and internal EMMC…I have new problem with the EMMC part.

After I have boot new the 2Gb sdram…using android V5 in internal emmc, after running a while, I begin to get crashing. After android crash, not running anymore…cannot boot. I think i reflow correctly the sdram and not touching the emmc flash chip…

So , I heat the emmc chip again and voila…it boot again…after about running 1.5 hour…it crash again… This problem repeat everytime i reheat the chip, boot, crash and reheat the chip…what is wrong here?? very frustrating problem…

Any idea?? is this hardware problem…or emmc chip defect/broken? or something else is wrong?