[BPI-M2 Ultra & BPI-M2 Berry] New image: Android 6.0 (Version:V1) 2017-08-25

(BPI_Justin) #1

Android 6.0 2017-08-25 for BPI-M2 Ultra & BPI-M2 Berry

Git commit : 6ff036416a91c3373a7c85c4af2882af49d631fc

Release Note:

  1. Android 6.0
  2. GMAC supported
  3. WIFI 802.11 b/g/n supported
  4. Bluetooth 4.0 supported
  5. USB Camera supported

Know issue:

  1. Camera ov5640 not supported
  2. MIC not supported
  3. Headset not supported


Google Drive:


Baidu Cloud:


MD5: c65fa4c20b8a6d2d05bfd32b090c3570


Google Drive:


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Google Drive:


Baidu Cloud:


MD5: 6cda3453d9524643c8f92fcdc8deb32f

BPI-M2 Ultra

uses LCD’5

uses LCD’7

BPI-M2 Berry

uses LCD’5

uses LCD’7

(Artem) #2

Does anybody tried this image? I see this picture on my HDMI screen in forever loop

Update: Need to remove SD-Card from SDCard slot

(B Acko) #3

Hi, thanks for your work. But my Banana PI M2 Berry wont boot with this images. I tried a lot of sd cards and it doesnt boot. Only the green LED comes on.


(lorddestruction6@freemail.hu) #4

Does any body have find out how to properly install android on Banana pi m2 berry ?

(Michal) #5

This same :confused: on Berry without eMMC. Don´t working . After boot from SD card, lighting green LED only. That’s all :confused:

(miguel angel) #6

muy buena …pero como hacer para tener audio en salida de auriculares, gracias

(Michal) #7

Sorry for my english… If I using U3 class card, Androind not booting. (Freezing on green LED status.) I tried use SDHC card class10 and my Banana working. Random maybe, but some experience for you. :wink: Have a nice day and thanks author :smiley:

(lorddestruction6@freemail.hu) #8

Have any body installed this image successfully? and if yes how?? Is there gpu driver in this image ? Or it is just like the others : missing several drivers, which are present not working properly and stuff like that.

(miguel angel) #9

hello…someone has knowledge of how to change the start image with a logo or some moving image … thanks

(B Acko) #10


i tried a lot of SD Cards. Sandisk Extreme, Intenso, Toshiba and so on. Nothing worked, but then i took a cheap Qumox 32 GB SDHC and it runs very great, stable and fast. Play Store is in Image too and works without Error’s. I hope this helps somebody.


(Arvind Kumar) #11

Hi I tried it but my screen is flickering continuously? Its resolution is 1080/1920 60. setting in android is same. UBUNTU has no issue with same setup.

(Christopher Mc Cook) #12

I’m using it on an m2 ultra hdmi out to a 24" tv. Installed kodi, I get minor flickers but everything seems to be working well. You can’t install to an SD, it has to be burned to emmc.


Somehow the system isn’t booting when I burn the image on an microSD. Anyone has an idea why? Ubuntu and raspbian are working on the other hand…


Made it working. U have to use phoenix card to burn the image and use startup mode…

(哲睿) #14

Have the image for 32G SDcard?