[BPI-M2 Ultra all image] google download link

(bpi team) #1

BPI-M2 Ultra all image google download link:

google driver:


baidu link:


Frequent freeze-ups of M2U

Which ubuntu mate image do you recommend for a standard m2 ultra… There seem to be 3 ubuntu images…

(bpi team) #3

please use newest , it have update time.:slight_smile:

(Stefan) #4

Which Kernel in there?

(bpi team) #5

Linux 3.10 kernel with all image

(YangYu) #6

Do you have plan to build Ubuntu server image, or I need to build it myself?

(bpi team) #7

i will let our R&D try to do this , if you do it success , please let me know. thank you.

(Олександр Кузьменко) #8

Are there already exist success launch kodi,xbmc for this device? Thanks


Are the R&D team actively working on these images for the m2 ultra, to bring them from ‘preview’ to ‘final’ / stable releases?